Ruth’s Great Idea

Ruth’s Great Idea

IMG_0840It all starts with Kristy. Kristy wasn’t bossy, she was simply The Boss, and since I am the boss of this blog, it would only be appropriate to start with her. The club owed its whole existence to the Great Idea she had in 1986. She didn’t wear unfussy clothes to hide her body or blend into the background, she wore them because she didn’t have time to be at tugging hemlines while running the world.

I wanted to wear something that Kristy would approve of, and knowing her penchant for sportswear and turtlenecks, I wore both to a friend’s art opening.

Here is the truth: wearing bold power stripes in a brightly lit room made me feel startlingly visible, but the outfit was also incredibly comfortable, so that visibility was accompanied by a feeling of power and ease. I didn’t hunch over when talking to people (as a 6 foot tall woman in heels, this was no small feat), I made healthy eye contact and listened well. I ate fistfuls of snacks, and held handshakes firmly.

I can imagine that in her adult years, Kristy settled into a series of uniforms for different settings and occasions. A work uniform, a going-out uniform, a guest-at-a-wedding uniform. They may have changed slightly through the years, but I assume they had to meet a few basic points of criteria:

Is this generally attractive looking?

Can I raise my arms all the way over my head comfortably?

Can I eat a full meal while wearing this?

Could I fall asleep on an airplane wearing this?

Does the pattern or color scheme make me feel like a powerful Goddess?

Like I said, she wasn’t bossy, she was simply The Boss.

Ruth’s Great Idea