Kristy On Top

Kristy rejoiced when slouchy sweaters became en vogue, not because she could start wearing them, but because now she wouldn’t feel under dressed at parties she was already wearing them to anyway.

She runs a nanny staffing agency (because of course she does) with a specialty in matching nannies with children with special needs. She wears sweaters to the office every day, because she keeps her office ice cold, it’s the only way she can work. In the summer time, she cranks the AC, and in the winter, she keeps her office windows open. Its one of many idiosyncrasies she’s acquired as The Boss, from eating exactly 3 wheat crackers and 10 cherry tomatoes for her afternoon snack, to cracking her knuckles, one at a time, at the start of every board meeting.

Her employees generally like her, but secretly make fun of her sweaters and borderline autistic snacking habits. Kristy is good at maintaining a healthy balance of morale and efficacy in her staff, but she is often lonely. The lines between authority and friendship aren’t blurred here and now like they were in the Babysitter’s Club.

She is going to a work party in Midtown, she rented out the banquet room of a trendy sushi restaurant and hopes she preordered enough sashimi for everyone, and wonders if anyone will get bold enough to offer her a parting hug at the end of the night.

Kristy On Top

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