Sacre Bleu, Mallory!

Mallory had a Francophile phase in college, specifically of the French New Wave variety. She dated a film student who smoked Djarum cigarettes and showed her Truffaut and Godard movies and…things kind of got out of hand. She dressed in pencil skirts and Jean Seberg stripes, and got Anna Karina style bangs, despite her hairdresser’s woeful pleading that they wouldn’t work with her curls. You could often find her at parties encamped on the sofa, chain smoking and saying eye rollingly terrible things like “modern music is so boring”.

Her film student boyfriend made a short movie for class of her waking up in her bed, brushing her teeth, and wandering around a playground on a windy day, looking despaired. The film was torn to shreds by his classmates in the critique, and he broke up with her. It took her a year to grow her bangs back out.

Sacre Bleu, Mallory!

One thought on “Sacre Bleu, Mallory!

  1. This is a work of art. It gives me life! I am a big BSC fan and definitely will admit to having read some of the mysteries and Super specials in recent years I came here from Slate and looked forward to the trip down memory lane, but it is your writing style and creativity that is really making it a delight to read. Keep writing!


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