Claudia Of All Trades

Claudia calls herself a “Jill of many, master of none”, but she’s selling herself short. What she means is, her artistic impulses have taken her down many lanes, but she’s constantly changing her mind. In her travels, she has been a jewelry designer, chalkboard letterer for fancy cocktail spots, costume assistant, animator, and a modestly successful makeup tutorial host for a Youtube channel. Her most recent endeavor was designing and constructing a giant fluorescent moon with the facial semblance of Morgan Fairchild to be filmed in a music video for the band Gremlinzz 2.

Claudia has a lower back tattoo of a willow tree, but you would never call it a tramp stamp. On Claudia, it’s a lower back tattoo, and it works. She did the half-shaved head thing before anyone else. She has a rescue cat named Taco Salad. She goes to the Met every weekend. Rihanna follows her on Instagram. Her metabolism never caught up with her love of junk food, but her taste for it has been dwindling ever since she moved out of her parents home. Somehow, candy doesn’t taste as great if you don’t have to hide it.

Claudia Of All Trades

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