For the Love of Mallory

I was excited to take my first crack at a Mallory look, because I’ve always felt an affinity with her. We both like to read, we’ve both had mono, and we’re both natural redheads (HA). The look I was aiming for was “gamine, studious, sensitive”. I missed the mark. Instead, I look like a 15 year old drowning in way too much sherbet colored fabric. You’d think that an outfit that baggy and shapeless would at least be comfortable, right? Wrong. The waistband of my culottes felt bunchy, and the sweater is really the kind of sweater you need to layer over a soft t-shirt, because the wool gave me some next level under-boob itching. While I didn’t hit this one out of the park, I’m still on Team Mallory, looking forward to the next time I’m up to bat. (baseball euphemisms courtesy of my inner-Kristy)

For the Love of Mallory

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